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Leadership Newark Summit 2013 November 2, 2013

Rutgers University Paul Robeson Center

350 Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Newark, NJ 07102, USA

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Event Description

Welcome to the registration site for the first annual Leadership  Newark  Public  Policy  Summit.  


Welcome to the registration site for the first annual Leadership  Newark  Public  Policy  Summit! A few helpful hints.

Registration Fees 

$60 before October 25th

$75 October 26th - 30th and walk up registration

Space is limited. Advance registration strongly encouraged.  

Walk up registration questions or ordering for a small group, please call 973-350-9200.

Once registered, you will receive a Confirmation Email. Please print and bring this with you to the Summit.  

At the Summit, you will receive your Summit Packet and Materials, including information on where to go.

See you at the Summit!

Registration Includes  

Access to the Summit and Partnership (Exhibitor) Village
Continental Breakfast
Luncheon Keynote Address
Workshops (Please choose one per track in each Concurrent Session)

All Plenary Sessions
Summit Take Action Guide and Working Materials



Please choose one per track in each Concurrent Session

Summit Workshops and Plenaries

Concurrent Sessions I
Please choose from one of the following Workshops:

Track I –Crime & Public Safety:

Workshop 1A: Mass Incarceration:  The Local Impact

Mass incarceration has had staggering human and financial costs, most notably in urban communities.  Mass incarceration ranks among one of the most urgent challenges facing the U.S. and our criminal justice system.  This panel will analyze the impact of sentencing laws and practices, including mandatory minimums and the “three strike” laws to urban communities.  LEARN, ACT & CHANGE!

Workshop 1B:     Crime & Violence: A Public Health Challenge

Traditionally criminal activity & violence have been left in the hands of the criminal justice system.  However, when you look at prevention support services for victims it then becomes necessary to bring in the professionals in medicine, nursing and other health related social services.  Join this distinguished panel as they discuss effective means of public health intervention in cases of abuse, rape, assault & homicide.  LEARN, ACT & CHANGE!

Workshop 1C:     Crime & The Environment

 Small acts of deviance such as littering, graffiti and broken windows as well as neglect can escalate into more serious crime if ignored according to “The Broken Window Theory”.  Join a distinguished panel of experts who will share their knowledge on how the physical condition of an environment impacts criminal activity along with measures towards social cohesion that can reduce higher risk of criminality.  LEARN, ACT & CHANGE!

Track 2 – Education:

Workshop 2A: Fact or Fiction: The Truth About School Reform

Experts in the field of education have been struggling for years on the national, state and local levels about ways to improve public education.  Reform efforts have prompted broad-based approaches to individual educators taking measures towards improvement.  The choices are plentiful, the challenges great, and the struggle continues, as we need viable solutions and clarity today.  Join the discussion with a distinguished panel of experts to help dispel the myths and share the facts about urban school reform.  LEARN, ACT & CHANGE!

Workshop 2B: School Safety

Violence and high profile school shootings across the country causes much concern within school communities, as does bullying and just plain bad behavior and poor attitudes, which lead to a difficult environment in which to learn.  Join the discussion on measures we can all employ to ensure a healthier learning environment.  LEARN, ACT & CHANGE!

Workshop 2C: Families and Community: Partners In Education

The phrase ”It Takes a Village…” has been overused and abused.  Many of us seem to recognize that parents, community and educators are key players for a successful well-rounded student.  Yet, we continue to struggle with ways to keep the parents and community engaged throughout a student’s primary and secondary school years.  Join the panel as they share best practices from around the country on everyone engaging in a student’s educational success.  LEARN, ACT & CHANGE!


Track 3 – Economic Recovery:

Workshop 3A: Healthy & Green Economic Opportunities for Urban America

Race and socioeconomics play a huge role in a community's ability to access healthy food and well-maintained open spaces.  What is our collective responsibility to self-determine a healthier environment, which contributes to better quality of life FOR ALL?  Join a distinguished panel as they discuss the environment & its role in our health and economy.  LEARN, ACT & CHANGE!

Workshop 3B: Workforce Development in the 21st Century

 People who live in poverty are in poverty because they do not have the income or economic resources to adequately support the basic necessities.  This causes a widening of the wealth gap, which is a critical issue facing many households today.  The need to prepare and educate a viable workforce for jobs of today and tomorrow should be priority #1.  Employers may create great jobs, but we must have a workforce skilled to do the job at hand.  Join this distinguished panel as they share their expertise on how urban centers can better prepare the workforce to earn and maintain livable wages.  LEARN, ACT & CHANGE!

Workshop 3C: Dollars & Sense: Money Matters in Your Community

Managing day-to-day expenses can be challenging enough. But adding the pressures of mounting debt, saving for college and paying down student loans makes financial challenges feel overwhelming. However, building wealth, in particular wealth that can be passed on to future generations is critical to your family and the strength of the broader Newark community.  Join Prudential and other distinguished panelists to understand how policy impacts the ability of urban communities to build intergenerational wealth and discuss how to get out of debt, save wisely and move from saving to investing in order to secure your financial future. LEARN, ACT & CHANGE


Concurrent Sessions II

Please choose from one of the following Workshops:


Track 1

Crime and Violence 1A:                   Mass Incarceration

Crime and Violence 1B:                   Crime & Violence: A Public Health Challenge

Crime and Violence 1C:                   Crime & The Environment


Track 2

Education 2A:                                 Fact or Fiction:  The Truth About School Reform

Education 2B:                                 School Safety

Education 2C:                                 Families and Community:  Partners In Education


Track 3

Economic Recovery 3A:                   Healthy & Green Economic Opportunities for Urban                                                                                 America

Economic Recovery 3B:                   Workforce Development in the 21st Century

Economic Recovery 3C:                   Dollars & Sense: Money Matters in Your Community

Re-Building  The  Dream  that is Newark"

The Leadership Newark Public Policy Summit will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2013  in  the Paul Robeson Center at Rutgers University’s Newark,  New Jersey Campus and features a keynote address by Van Jones, co-host of CNN’s Crossfire and former Green Jobs Advisor To The Obama White House.

The Summit will  be  a  highly  collaborative,  neutral, conducive and inclusive environment  for  Newark  stakeholders  and  citizens to become informed about public policy  issues  that  are  impacting  the  Greater Newark community. 

To learn more about the Leadership Newark Summit Program Agenda, go to

About Leadership Newark

Leadership Newark is a two-year leadership development program that educates, empowers, and trains professional adults, who are stakeholders that live, work or volunteers in Newark and the Greater Newark Area. The program enhances their knowledge in public-policy areas such as education, crime, health, economic development, local government, and the arts.  Our goal is to create a vibrant, progressive Newark, to make it a model for cities across the country.

Leadership Newark Summit 2013

Rutgers University Paul Robeson Center

350 Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Newark, NJ 07102, USA


Map of Event Location
Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 8:00 am –  5:00 pm


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